The New Business Methodology for Agencies program begins with a comprehensive audit of your new business acquisition process. We investigate your company’s new business generating ability across 5 key areas:

 •   Corporate and Executive

 •   Sales

 •   Marketing

 •   Finance

 •   IT, HR and Administration

The audit is broad and deep. It is conducted via a series of  in-depth one-on-one interviews

right across your company’s key stakeholders. By conducting interviews across all these areas, from the top down, we gather enough intelligence to provide a big picture view with specific insights that highlight areas of alignment and sticking points to achieving growth.

Each interview typically takes two to three hours for each stakeholder, collecting qualitative and quantitative data across all areas, with the whole process being conducted over the course of a week.


Once completed, the data is collated and used to generate a scorecard and detailed Health Check Report with observations revealing the health of your company’s new business acquisition process. Included in the report are specific recommendations for the next steps, presented in an achievable Action Plan.



The Health Check Report identifies the financial impact of common business practices within your agency, and highlights any processes that waste time in your search for new business.

This impartial report shows the bottom line effect of a weak pipeline, a long sales cycle, a low win-rate, the cost of pitching, staff morale and the effect of turnover, including recruitment fees.

It helps you take an honest look at the combine financial impact of these and other competitive weaknesses in your agency that might have been identified through the audit.


The report outlines where your company’s sales and business development processes are inefficient or even counter-productive, identifying a lack of systems or resources, inadequate staff skills or misaligned understandings between departments.


With new clarity, you can proiritise the time of all team members so your agency can make more money. You will have a clear picture of what’s working, what’s not and what it’s costing you.




We service Australia, New Zealand

and the Asia Pacific region.

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Most agencies hope to be invited to pitch for a prospect’s business. “Hope” is not a legitimate or sustainable new business strategy