Setting the Vision

There are many benefits to running a new business program besides money; it keeps your agency fresh and vibrant, for existing clients and new ones. It can help you introduce new services to grow your business, and in turn attract and keep the best and brightest talent.

Armed with the findings in the Health Check Report, we work with you to set the vision of your perfect agency, define your new business objectives and identify the leadership characteristics required to achieve them. We then assist you to select the

right team members to join you on your new business program, and train them with the skills and tools they need for success.

We will help you to identify the gap between what you are selling and what your customers are buying. Most importantly, we will help you to overcome the biggest hurdles to establishing a first-rate new business program.



If there is one thing that can transform your business, it’s this: change your thinking from ‘what can I get?’ to ‘what can I give?’

Creating The Foundation

Before embarking on calls and meetings to establish new relationships, it’s essential to build the foundations for new business success.

During this stage, the New Business Mastery program helps with the structure of the agency’s new business system and processes. This includes your hard and soft assets, such as:

  •      The strength of skillsets and techniques
  •      The calibre of marketing assets and your public profile
  •      A credentials presentation that breaks all the rules
  •      A Top 100 Prospects list
  •      The Hook that will get you in the room.



Comments from industry.

“After some initial ground work [our efforts] opened doors to clients we never thought we would meet. High profile, blue chip clients, frankly we were pinching ourselves about the meetings we had.”


John Preston, Founder, Match Media


Building the Top 100 List

We will guide you through the rigour and discipline to create a long list of prospects – around 100 companies that are ideally suited to your goals and ambitions, and who will become your profitable new business clients over the long term.

By ranking and researching these companies you will begin the journey to making new contacts. We will train your database manager to maintain and update the information efficiently.

The outcome is a living database of warm prospects that will continue to grow and evolve as you activate new business campaigns for your agency.

It’s A Numbers Game

With 100 prospective companies on your list, you have the opportunity to inspire, inform and be on first-name terms with up to 300 individual executives across several divisions and departments.

We know that approximately 15% of the companies on your prospect list will make a selection or assignment in the coming year. By keeping yourself top of mind you’ll have 15 very hot prospects from your Top 100 List who will know your company when they start looking.


The Hook

How to offer your top prospects an irresistible invitation to meet: bait your Hook with intrigue and curiosity

The Hook is what will get you in the room to meet with a prospective client. They don’t know you and, most likely, are not looking for the services you offer – so it has to pique their interest.

Credentials presentations are useless here – as they’re all about you. The Hook must focus solely on what’s in it for them, suggest you know something they don’t and heighten their curiosity to find out what they’re missing. The Hook neatly combines your agency’s experience and expertise with the problems your prospects are facing.


The New Business Mastery program expertly identifies the right bait for your Hook that will make every prospect bite. We begin by reviewing the individual tasks you have completed for your clients in the past 12 to 18 months, we then take a bird’s eye view and ask, “What is the common business issue each of these clients faced? How did that issue create the need for your agency in the first place and how did you satisfy their unmet needs?”

You’ll be surprised at the patterns that emerge from your solutions. We will help you refine your Hook and develop an enticing title, an engaging proposition, and a simple 20-minute conversation (not a presentation) that will mean prospects are eager to meet you.


One core truth of an organisation’s business:

The best people work very hard on the client’s business and almost equally hard avoiding work developing the company’s business.


Activation in Just 3 Meetings

The ‘3-Meeting Strategy’ is a powerful game changer to the standard approach most agencies take in developing new business relationships.

Developed and refined over two decades, the ‘3-Meeting Strategy’ forms the basis of the activation phase of the New Business Methodology program. Essentially, it is designed to help agencies find and build new relationships with the clients they desire, with a view to working with them in a mutually beneficial relationship.

This project aims to secure paid projects from a ‘cold’ prospect in just three meetings.

Your agency will become one of the elite businesses that can choose to pitch, or not to pitch. You will know how to ‘Close On Your Terms’ and begin to reap not just new business, but organic growth from a growing suite of ideal clients.

Activation requires ongoing mentoring, monitoring and implementation of the ‘3-Meeting Strategy’, the Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) database, marketing communications, staff training and pitch coaching.

Options exist for varying rates of engagement. Ask us for a quote.


The hard and soft skills for a confident team

Once you have selected the best and brightest team with the most potential for new business success, we start with the basic skills and techniques they need to master before the prospecting begins in earnest – list management, company research, developing the right collateral, securing and preparing for meetings, presentations skills, meeting etiquette and how to ‘close’.

We offer training modules for how to make calls and set meetings, at the same time removing the inhibitors and supporting these new skills with the ‘inner game’ that maintains the right attitude, realistic expectations, empathy, ‘active patience’ and gratitude needed to quickly build strong relationships and trust with prospects.


Bespoke training sessions and workshops will invigorate your new business team.

Change “Activation in Just 3 Meetings” to “Closing on Your Terms”

At the heart of the New Business Mastery program is the 3-Meeting Strategy that helps our agency clients secure paid projects from ‘cold’ prospects in just three meetings. The 3-Meeting Strategy is about holding the reins of your agency firmly in your hands. New Business Mastery dramatically increases your odds of winning by creating a one-horse race. You are pitching alone, and using your own smarts and persuasion techniques to open a crack that wins a new project with a first-time client. You control who you meet, when you meet them and how you persuade them to give you their business.

Refreshing, isn’t it?


Training Your Team



Comments from industry.

“In a nutshell, Julia gets you the meeting you want. Not only that, Julia gets you the right meeting. With the right people.

“And she makes sure that when you get to the right meeting in front of the right people, you are prepared.

“Prepare to talk informatively and insightfully about their business. Not just waffling on about yours. She makes sure you ‘close’. And that’s the meeting you really want.”


Jeff Sanders, Managing Director, RAPP CEO, Global Red


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Most agencies hope to be invited to pitch for a prospect’s business. “Hope” is not a legitimate or sustainable new business strategy