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Keeping the energy, pace and focus in your growth plan.

Keep the energy in your sales process.

Keep closing on your terms, and maintain your winning growth state.

After you place the New Business Methodology at the heart of your new business process, steady and consistent maintenance of the rebuilt machine must take place. Because people come and go, skills get lost when other distractions come up and changes in the industry and with your prospects still occur.

Our maintenance program of monthly clinics keeps the momentum alive, keeping your agency batteries charged up so that you’re always running at a premium. We will keep you on track and ensure that you’re ‘Closing On Your Terms’, steadily increasing your win rate and running at 100% efficiency.

New business is the lifeblood of any business.

We help you stay focused on your growth objectives.

Our successful agency clients are quickly energised by the clarity of our methods. Placing the New Business Methodology at the heart of your business will remove the two pain points of your daily life – the anxiety of wondering where your next profitable client will come from and the stress of letting staff go.

Most agencies treat new business as an afterthought but winning isn’t ‘pot luck’. Winning comes from a new business methodology being incorporated into the heart and soul of every successful agency with a structured program, a co-ordinator and a list of actions. Our momentum clinics help you stay on track.

What they say about NBM Momentum Clinics

We like results. We don’t like conventional. That’s why we like Julia.

Colin Jowell, Partner, Strategy, UDKU (sold to KPMG, now KPMG UDKU)

Smart, driven and flexible enough to work within your schedule. But not so flexible that Julia will let you be anything less than the best you can be.

Jeff Sanders, Managing Director, RAPP, DDB Group (now Track)

We’ve developed some brilliant habits and converted more than 50% of what we’ve pitched. The results speak for themselves.

Jonathan Pease, Executive Ideas Director & Managing Partner, Tongue (now AKQA)

Transform the engine of your business.