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Think Like a Client CEO

What problems do you really solve for your clients? Think Like a Client CEO diagnostic tool is New Business Methodology’s simple process to better client understanding that helps you uncover the killer insight you need to close more effectively.

Changing your mindset from what can you get to what can you give.

Effective selling through client centricity.

Putting your client at the heart of the offer, learning how to ask the right questions, active listening and understanding your clients’ business challenges are the route to effective selling in the crowded agency landscape. 

New business is a science for New Business Methodology. Our Think Like a Client CEO tool, honed over our 20 years of experience, embeds robust and replicable process into your business development approach to improve your conversion rates and lead nurturing performance.

Gain the killer insight, close more effectively and build an agency based on long-term, profitable relationships.

Our Think Like a Client CEO diagnostic tool helps agency teams to convert more conversations to opportunities and convert opportunities to long-term client relationships. We help agency teams understand clients’ commercial context, what their biggest business challenges are, and what problems they are really asking you to solve. 

Change your new business mindset