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New Business Health Check

Expert analysis of your new business skills, strategies and ROI.

Completely review your go-to-market strategy with the New Business Health Check for Agencies.

The result is a comprehensive and deeply insightful report containing specific recommendations and action plans that will help improve your approach, your appeal and your new business success rate.

What your New Business Health Check will reveal:

  • The clarity and power of your competitive positioning
  • The strength in the market of  your agency’s reputation
  • Gaps and opportunities in your service offering
  • The strength and seniority of your client relationships
  • The quality and breadth of your business networks
  • What your ideal clients look like and where to find them
  • Improvement areas in your pipeline and prospecting strategies
  • How you measure up in terms of your vision, leadership and new business skills
  • How your leadership team score on key new business skills

Every marketing agency likes to think it has a distinct point of difference, but when you ask the people who do the hiring and firing of agencies, it’s a different story. The fact is, most CMOs think very few agencies have a unique or particularly intelligent approach to new business.

Understand how to stand out from the rest.

Take NBM’s New Business Health Check and find out how your agency scores.

Take the pulse of your business today