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Inner Game

Refresh your headspace, effectively plan for growth.

A valuable self-assessment for anyone in who deals with clients, those responsible for delivering the business growth as part of their KPIs, or those responsible for winning new business or more business from existing clients.

The Inner Game Self-AssessmentTM is designed to highlight self limiting beliefs and negative attitudes that are sabotaging your ability to win – allowing you to refresh your headspace. Once we’ve hit reset on your headspace, we work together to focus your Inner Game for success through leadership planning exercises designed to apply much more commercial rigour to where your company is headed, setting specific goals and an action plan to implement.

The Inner Game focuses on three key areas:

  1. Head Space: Success – What’s Stopping You?
  2. The Future – Where Are You Going?
  3. Goals – How To Get There?

The value in recharging your Inner Game

See your blind spots instantly, and issues that you didn’t realise were eroding your relationships. You will start replacing your negative beliefs with positive beliefs that are more rewarding, and lift your attitude and your spirit.

See a crystal-clear road map of why, where and how to grow your business, and have a defined set of criteria by which you assess whether to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to opportunities that won’t achieve your goals. You will be able to say ‘no’ with conviction. You will be confident that everyone is aligned. 

See clearly the time you’ve been wasting on the “noise”. Leave with a step-by- step plan to help you focus on becoming more disciplined and judicious, allowing you focus only on what matters. The guesswork will be removed about what you should be doing next.

Hone your Inner Game, unlock your growth potential