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The OUCH! Factor™

Understand the true cost of pitching to your agency. The essential numbers on pitch costs, profit and cost-recovery time, to help you make better decisions.

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How much revenue do you have to generate to make a year’s worth of pitching profitable?

How much of your profit do you sink into pitching? New Business Methodology’s OUCH! Factor™ formula developed from advising hundreds of agencies across the globe on how to increase revenue and drive profit, shows you what to track to understand the true cost of pitching to your agency – and how to better assess the opportunity in pitching.

We call it the OUCH! Factor™, because once you understand your numbers, it’s painful.

New business is a science for us at NBM, our OUCH! Factor™ is a pitching formula that will enable you to assess which pitches are right for your agency – and whether it’s the right commercial decision to pitch at all.

NBM’s OUCH! Factor™ Formula calculates internal and external cost to pitch, hours spent pitching, utilisation, win rate, the total opportunity cost vs the sunk cost – and most importantly, how much revenue you need to generate to make pitching profitable. We help you know your numbers to make to make smart commercial decisions.

Read NBM’s OUCH! Factor™ Report 2022: industry-wide analysis