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Stakeholder mastery for marketers

The marketer’s toolkit for understanding how to influence the board and engage sales teams.

Understand the seven types of stakeholders, how to identify them within your business, and how to most effectively engage and persuade them.

New Business Methodology’s Stakeholder Mastery consultancy trains marketers on how to achieve “buy in” to projects and more effectively seek out and engage change-agents so that they can achieve business growth targets.

Achieve cut through with the board, and with prospects.

Part coaching, part consultancy, NBM’s Stakeholder Mastery programme helps you to deepen your understanding of the decision makers within your business and how you can most effectively engage them.

Identify colleagues’ dominant stakeholder profiles, and critically, identify the change agents present within your business and leadership team. 

See clearly the inhibitors you face to achieving budget approvals, getting your creative through, and engaging the wider business in marketing activities.

With New Business Methodology’s Stakeholder Mastery you learn new techniques to influence and persuade, learn how to deliver ideas that land, win more pitches, and how to make it easier for others to buy from you.

Unlock stakeholder engagement potential.