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New Business Mastery

The agency toolkit for achieving rapid revenue and margin growth from current and future clients.

Achieve 25% growth, close on your terms

Learn how to close sales on the terms you set.

This program will improve your agency’s focus, discipline and commercial rigour, aiming to deliver a 25% increase in success across your organic growth, new business development and pitch process.

Grow by design

In the initial modules you will master how to win more business from both new and existing clients, without relying on competitive pitching, and will start to grow your agency’s business ‘by design’, not ‘by chance’ or where the phone rings.

The bespoke modules are tailored for companies to get more from what they already have and improve their ability to lead and persuade both current and future clients to buy more from them. New Business Mastery™ gives you the tools and power to make immediate improvements to your business growth success.

The 40 New Business Mastery Modules

NBM’s Mastery Program has been developed into 40 “pick-and-pack” modules enabling you to select the combination of modules that targets your agency’s most challenging barriers to growth. Our flagship program, New Business Mastery has been developed over 25 years of working with agency leaders to achieve rapid growth in their businesses.

1. Inner Game - refresh your headspace

Who is this for?

Anyone responsible for winning new business or more business from existing clients. This is a valuable self-assessment for anyone in your company who deals with clients, to help break down the ‘war’ between us and them.

What is this module?

The Inner Game Self-Assessment QuestionnaireTM is designed to highlight limiting beliefs and negative attitudes that are sabotaging your ability to win.

After this module you’ll be able to:

See your blind spots instantly, and issues of entitlement that
you didn’t realise were eroding your relationships. You will start replacing your negative beliefs with positive beliefs that are more rewarding, and lift your attitude and your spirit.

2. Achieving Rapid Growth

Who is this module for?

Anyone who has responsibility for growing revenue and margin for the agency, and/or has authority to approve any cost within a pitch.

What is this module?

This complex formula calculates the revenue required to make your pitching efforts profitable.

After this module, you’ll be able to:

Feel shocked to realise the 1000s of hours of unbilled staff time, the impact on morale and reputation based on your win rate, and how much revenue you really must make so the cost of pitching is worthwhile. You’ll have the hard evidence to justify your rationale to say ‘no’ to pitches you can’t win, and feel good about it. You’ll be able to apply the wasted time of losing pitches to proactively prospect for business.

3. Good Bad Love Hate

Who is this module for?

The entire agency, from the receptionist to the CEO.

What is this module?

This is a self-assessment of the critical skills needed for successful new business growth. Each individual ranks themselves on the 20 critical skills needed to win business from new and existing clients, first on whether they are “good” or “bad” at that skill, then whether they “love” or “hate” applying that skill. This is the Good Bad Love HateTM skills matrix.

After this module, you’ll be able to:

See at a glance where each person can contribute most to the essential skills of growing the agency’s business. When all these matrices are layered together, the CEO can see who is best suited to form the ideal new business team; hidden “loves” and latent talents within the staff are revealed and can be harnessed in the pursuit of new business; and HR now has an instant guide to required training for current staff and gaps for recruitment.

4. Closing on Your Terms

Who is this module for?

Core New Business team and additional pitch team members, plus anyone responsible for securing organic growth from existing clients. Relevant for anyone client-facing, so you could include all of account service.

What is this module?

This is the most successful current technique used by the elite sales teams in professional services around the world. It’s the opposite of ‘Solution Selling’, which has dominated the approach to new clients for decades, and is clearly outdated and ineffectual. Instead of relying on credentials presentations and being invited to pitch or tender to solve an already established need of a client, ‘Insight Selling’ identifies the emerging needs that clients or prospects are not yet aware of, or are yet to have consensus on how to solve. It gives you an opportunity to become a respected business ally and not just a vendor.

After this module you’ll be able to:

Have the techniques and the understanding of how to co-create new projects and briefs with clients and prospects that didn’t exist before you raised the provocative insights that led to the project. Identify the ideal prospects, who are those most in need of change and with the agility to change.

5. The Pitch Process Key Principles

Who is this module for?

Anyone involved in the executive and financial decision to invest agency resources into pitching competitively for business, as well as the people who would be leading the pitch team.

What is this module?

Establishes bespoke criteria used to rigorously assess whether the agency should pitch, and reveals if you have a realistic chance of winning based on the ‘level of effort’ vs ‘level of return’. This module has two parts: The mechanics and process of doing the pitch (internal), and more importantly, the outer edge of the pitch, i.e. the behind-the-scenes motivations and politics, the transparency of the pitch, and the real reason for it happening in the first place (external). This module uses the OUCH! Factor formula in Module No. 4 for financial measurement.

After this module, you’ll know 3 things:

1. Can you win? Is it a waste of time or a smart investment to go ahead?

2. What are the rules by which you will play, e.g. who you get to talk to, the timing, payment, number of competitors, etc. When you establish these rules, you get to play your game, and say ‘no’ to pitches that are commercially unviable.

3. Used properly, this will help you increase your win-rate to 75% or higher.

6. Before The Room

Who is this module for?

The CEO and executive leadership team, business development/new business person.

What is this module?

Most agencies have a top ten list, their personal contacts, an idea of the loose accounts in the market, and the weak agencies to ambulance- chase. But this is unrealistically small to keep your pipeline full.

This module first establishes your ideal client criteria that will help you to manifest the goals and ambitions of Modules No. 2 Future and No. 3 Goals.

The rigour of the criteria is applied both in terms of the industry sectors, and the specific companies within them. The result is a realistic list of companies that you can win in a reasonable amount of time. This is your “database of gold” that will endure for the life of your agency.

After this module, you’ll be able to:

Create the list of your Top 100 Prospects that fit exactly to your criteria so that you win.

7. Getting in The Room

Who is this module for?

The growth team: CEO, New Business team (organic and new business).

What is this module?

How to go from a cold prospect to a paying client within three meetings without having to pitch competitively.

After this module, you’ll be able to:

Have a step-by-step activation plan with a clear, overarching understanding of what to do before, during and after each of the 3 Meetings. Use the 3- Meeting Strategy to put the client in a ‘buying state’, so the agency doesn’t feel as if it has to ‘sell’. Understand how to lead a discussion with the prospective client using new techniques to leapfrog traditional hurdles to quickly signing up new clients.

8. Getting in the RIGHT Room

Who is this module for?

The CEO, new business and growth teams, strategy and creative.

What is this module?

A review of all previous modules to make sure your whole program is aligned and you are ready to test your activation plan.

After this module, you’ll be able to:

Fill in any gaps and be ready to activate your relationship building program.

9. Leading The Room

Who is this module for?

CEO, new business person.

What is this module?

The new business tango! The artful weaving of The Hook (No. 7) that got you in the room, with Insight Selling (No. 12), Stakeholder Profiling (No. 13), Sales Matrix and 5 Qualifying Questions (No. 37), Creating the Buying State (No. 38) and the Productising of your Services (No. 8). Lead the prospect while reading the nuances of what is shifting during the discussion, and have the agility to use those shifts to co-create new work with the prospect.

After this module, you’ll be able to:

Have set a date for Meeting 2.
Or they have said ‘no’ (go to Module No. 36).

10. Closing The Room

Who is this module for?

The CEO and new business team, new and organic growth.

What is this module?

The Sales Matrix is the structure of a conversation that is non-linear and allows you to lead the discussion and ethically influence and persuade any prospect or client. Used in any meeting, especially Meeting 1.The 5 Qualifying Questions are used in Meeting 1 to determine the time investment you should dedicate to pursuing a prospect. These two together can increase your win-rate to 80%.

After this module, you’ll be able to:

Know how to lead any conversation, no matter where it starts, using the Sales Matrix. The resulting intel will give you the prospect’s own language and parameters to use when writing the scope of work for a number of projects. Know the techniques to getting honest answers to critical qualifying questions, to ensure you are investing your time on the right prospects (and not wasting time on prospects who are least likely to convert).

11. After The Room

Who is this module for?

Anyone accountable for new business growth, organic and new.

What is this module?

Step-by-step process and calendar of actions to maintain and measure required activity so new business runs from the heart of the agency, and doesn’t stall or come off the boil. The structure and demands of this program are tailored to your agency, and designed to keep the agency achieving not only its goals, but its highest standards.

In the next 24 hours, you’ll be able to:

Instil a methodology for all involved to have rigorous discipline in the new business program, including daily, weekly processes & actions.

What they say about New Business Mastery™ with NBM

Julia Vargiu’s New Business Mastery Program is the pipeline – or lifeline – that can make the connections and has the results to prove it. If you want more ‘hit’ than ‘miss’, suggest you give NBM a call…

Christine Gartner, Managing Partner, M&C Saatchi

Soon after we progressed through the New Business Mastery Program we had meetings in the diary… with clients we would have been dreaming to see only months before

Jonathan Samengo, Head of Strategic Services, DraftFCB (Foote, Cone & Belding)

We have seen gross profit increase by an impressive 246%

Mark Alexander, Founder & CEO, Bamboo Marketing

Transform the engine of your business.