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NBM Masterclasses

Rapid pace new business effectiveness workshops

All the tools you need to transform your new business prospecting and improve your results by 25%

Half -Day, 1 Day or 3 Day Masterclasses

Review your match fitness to meet your growth ambitions, and fast-track improving the commercial rigour and sales effectiveness you need to achieve them.

Designed to target the biggest barriers to growth in your agency, we create bespoke Masterclasses that enable you to rapid-pace new business mastery into your agency. We call on our 20 years’ experience working with agencies to help you remove your growth barriers, fast, in our 1/2, 1, or 3 day workshops.

NBM’s Masterclasses are a combination of theory and practice for agency sales, commercial and marketing teams covering key growth enablers including agency pitching, prospecting, creating the sales hook, and improving sales conversion rates. 

Strategy Planning Days

Many of our clients integrate NBM Masterclasses with their annual planning & strategy sessions. A great opportunity to align your new business team around a common goal and set up for success, we tailor our Masterclasses to reinforce your key growth messages with the practical tools your team needs to deliver on them.

The perfect practical accompaniment to management and all hands strategy sessions the NBM Strategy Masterclass focuses on how to effectively grow your revenue and profits in a systematic and sustainable way. It will help your team to rebalance the reliance on – and cost of – tendering for business by making active-prospecting for new clients a natural and efficient part of your company’s operation.

Improve your agency’s sales effectiveness.