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Proprietary Growth Tools

NBM is a business growth consultancy with 25 years across agency and client side.

Our suite of tried-and-tested proprietary new business tools bring commercial rigour and acumen to your agency. NBM growth tools enable your agency to reduce wastage, increase utilisation and monetise the wasted hours in pitching, delivering long term profitable clients and business growth from existing and future clients.

New Business Methodology Consultancy

Health Check

The new business health check audit for agencies. How is the engine of your business really performing? Complete the NBM health check to find out.

Inner Game

Refresh your headspace using our Inner Game tool for removing inhibitors to growth. Define the future of your agency and how you are going to get there.

The Growth Matrix

Finding organic growth. Understand how to convert all of the business you want from all of the clients you have.

The Ouch! Factor

How much of your profit do you sink into pitching? What to track to understand the true cost of pitching to your agency – and how to better assess the opportunity in pitching.

Think Like a Client CEO

Create a more effective hook for your agency and build better client relationships with our proven methodology for framing your thinking like a client CEO.

New business is a science for NBM

The “Methodology” in our name describes the process driven, commercial rigour that we bring to business development in agencies.

As an international business growth consultancy we have advised thousands of agency CEOs around the world on how to win more business from current and future clients – without relying on pitching, but instead by embedding robust and replicable new business process. Our depth of knowledge and years of global industry data has enabled us to produce our suite of proprietary growth tools that transform an agency’s ability to achieve fast-paced profitable growth.

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